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Rhino Wrap

Happy Birthday

$ 11.99
  • "Say it with Wine"
  • Wine bottle straw included
  • Wine / Water / Liquor portable travel tote
  • REVERSIBLE - 2 messages on every tote. WASHABLE- machine washable
  • Neoprene (wetsuit material) stretches to create snug fit around standard size wine bottle (750 ml- 1L).
Why buy a card when you can "Say it with Wine"? Cards suck (unless they contain cash) so instead of giving a card- which will at best end up on a fireplace mantle or magnetically suspended on someone's refrigerator door, when you can "Say it with Wine" with a Rhino Wrap wine tote. Because we know you are classy gift giver- you will inevitably give this wine tote as a gift packed with a bottle of delicious, red or white wine. The best part of giving wine as a gift is you almost get to help drink it, so make it happen people.
Don't drink wine? Most liquor bottles fit too. Don't partake in any of the good stuff? These work with water bottles as well. Don't worry, we won't judge. (actually we probably will) Nobody better show up with a wine tote filled with water at my Birthday / Anniversary / Thanksgiving / Christmas / Hanukkah dinner if they don’t want to get tossed out with the fruit cake Grandma brought.
Believe it or not, this Rhino Wrap wine tote does more than just look good. It protects the bottle from breakage when traveling and also insulates a cold bottle for transport.
Enjoy your Rhino Wrap wine tote on every occasion.

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